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Anything But Hockey / Ontario By-Election
« on: August 02, 2013, 12:46:12 PM »
Seems kinda quiet

Results are in and the expected results prevailed


1) Should we have expected anything different.
2) Why do Ontarians tolerate such economic waste and spending
3) We persecute screwups and criminal behaviour from corporate entities why not poliitcians.  Is this right?

Just a few thoughts to get a discussion going in the off-season....

Anything But Hockey / Mayor O'Brien acquited on all counts
« on: August 05, 2009, 11:24:44 AM »

In the reading of the decision the Judge had some pretty scathing analysis of the crown's case on nearly every point.  So in lack of a better description today's verdict was pretty slam dunk for the major.  I'm sure this will upset a few on council who were already in the process of getting fitted for their dress robes weeks ago.

Now, let's see if anything can get done now in the city.

Anything But Hockey / These damn Alergies ?
« on: July 15, 2009, 02:11:59 PM »
Alright, I'm a long time sufferer of spring/early summer Alergies (normally) but is it just me but it seems everyone is complaining that their torture is lasting much longer this year.  I've never had such a long stretch of sinuses/sneezing/wheezing then ever before.  Normally I'm bad in April and Early May but then it's gone for the year.  Is it all the rain and mild temperatures that is extending the growing season or what?  The cities and provinces banning spraying?   I cannot take anymore drugs to assist me lest I turn into a crumpled bag of bones on my chair attempting to earn my salary and occaisionly sputter a coherent sentence or thought from my drug addled brain.  When will the torture end...

Anyone else also on the suffer train I'm currently on right now.....

I need a  :drink: 

Anything But Hockey / Madoff sentenced to 150 Years in Prision !!!
« on: June 29, 2009, 12:21:48 PM »
This is an appropriate sentence for this rodent.  May he rot in jail for what he did to many of his clients.


Madoff Sentenced to 150 Years
Kate Yule
Monday, June 29, 2009

Bernard Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years in prison for his multibillion-dollar fraud scheme.

While lawyers for the defence sought a 12-year prison term for the 71-year-old, the prosecution was looking for the maximum 150-year-sentence.

The judge who decided his fate says the federal probation department had recommended a 50-year prison term.

U.S. District Judge Denny Chin called the fraud ‘staggering’ and said that it spanned more than 20 years. He added that ‘the breach of trust was massive.’

Some of the victims of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme testified at his sentencing, one saying that the fraudster has condemned him ‘to a life of hell.’

The 71-year-old former Nasdaq chairman pleaded guilty to securities fraud and other charges in March.


Anything But Hockey / Face to Face 2 concert (Last Night)
« on: June 02, 2009, 09:35:10 AM »
Just wondering if anyone else had a chance to go to the concert last night.  Been a huge Billy Joel fan my whole life and went last night to mainly see him.  I like Elton John's music quite a bit but he wasn't who I went to see.  To say the least it was truly a spectacular show lasting close to 4 hours.  Poured out of scotiabank at 11:30pm and surviving today on about 4 hours sleep but it was well worth it.   Stadium was packed to the rafters and the electricity was unbelievable.  Both tore the roof off nearly.  Amazing. 

Cheers :spin:

Anything But Hockey / who didn't see this one coming...
« on: May 21, 2009, 03:54:28 PM »
Just been reading about these reusable bags many are using for their groceries and it kinda makes you wonder why our well paid health canada scientists and beuracrats couldn't see this one happening.   Kinda of scary and chilling when you think of it.   Hey,  do virtually nothing for the environment except feeling good about yourself and end up very sick or possibly dead because of a severe case of botulism or other form of food poisioning.

You're not clogging up landfill with plastic throw-aways, but your environmental conscientiousness could make you sick.

A microbiological study — a first in North America — of the popular, eco-friendly bags has uncovered some unsettling facts. Swab-testing by two independent laboratories found unacceptably high levels of bacterial, yeast, mold and coliform counts in the reusable bags.

The study found that 64% of the reusable bags tested were contaminated with some level of bacteria and close to 30% had elevated bacterial counts higher than what's considered safe for drinking water.

Further, 40% of the bags had yeast or mold, and some of the bags had an unacceptable presence of coliforms, faecal intestinal bacteria, when there should have been 0.

"The presence of faecal material in some of the reusable bags is particularly concerning," Dr. Summerbell stated. "All meat products should be individually wrapped before being placed in a reusable bag to prevent against leakage. This should become a mandated safety standard across the entire grocery industry."

• The moist, dark, warm interior of a folded used reusable bag that has acquired a small amount of water and trace food contamination is an ideal incubator for bacteria.

• The strong presence of yeasts in some bags indicates the presence of water and microbial growth substrate (food).

• There is a potential for cross-contamination of food if the same reusable bags are used on successive trips.

• Check-out staff in stores may be transferring these microbes from reusable bag to reusable bag as the contaminants get on their hands.

• In cases of food poisoning, experts will have to test reusable bags in addition to food products as the possible sources of contamination.

The study has been sent to the federal Sub-Committee on Food Safety currently investigating the safety of Canada's food system, federal and provincial health ministers and medical organizations across Canada with a request for immediate action

Anything But Hockey / This could happen to anyone
« on: April 24, 2009, 09:34:03 AM »

Revenue Canada refuses to pay for million-dollar mistake

Thu Apr 23, 3:38 PM
VANCOUVER (CBC) - A B.C. taxpayer who fought the Canada Revenue Agency over a million-dollar tax bill he didn't owe and won says the federal government misled him to believe he would be compensated for his financial losses.

"They're trying to now find a way to shove this under the rug or silence it so that they don't get embarrassed," 64-year-old Prince George resident Irvin Leroux said.

"Promises have been made at the political level," added his wife, Jill Moore, "and still, here we are."

Correspondence suggests Leroux's MP, Conservative Dick Harris, was assured three years ago by the minister responsible that the government was prepared to compensate Leroux for Canada Revenue Agency errors that cost Leroux his business and his home. That settlement has not materialized.

"They took everything I was, everything I stood for, and destroyed it," Leroux said.

CBC News made several requests to talk to Revenue Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn about Leroux's case but received no response.

Before their fight with the taxman, Leroux and his wife owned and operated a successful RV park in Valemount, B.C. In 2002, Irvin's RV Park and Campground was awarded the prestigious SuperHost customer service award by B.C. Tourism.

Leroux said his tax troubles began in 1996, when an auditor from the tax agency showed up to look at the books. The auditor took Leroux's business receipts and other records, he said, then misplaced those records at the CRA office.

"He told me someone had put them on the pile that was to be shredded," Leroux said.

That touched off a chain of events, Leroux said, that forced the sale at reduced prices of his business, his home and other assets, valued at approximately $4 million.

"I lost my house, I lost my business, I lost my land, I lost my income, I lost my savings I lost it all," Leroux said. "Why? Because [the CRA] wouldn't admit to their mistakes. They would sooner destroy me and try to bury me out there than admit they did wrong."

Simply staggering but completely believable.  I do have some perspective when it comes to dealing with CRA and quite honestly I could see this happening very easily.  When government gets too big and all powerful, crushing people to death is merely an inconvenience to them.  They don't care and hope people just go quietly.  I hope this couple goes for the jugular and seeks compensation plus triple damages.  CRA and their arrogant auditors need to be taught a lesson.  This is inexcusable

Anything But Hockey / These birds actually get paid for this.....
« on: April 06, 2009, 11:34:48 AM »

Complete mismanagement of this city and yet strangely they wear it as a badge of honor.

Ok, I'm not for government financing of any facility but who actually ever believed something positive would happen when you involve these incompetent nincompoops in the decision making process.

Seriously the comment that bothered me the most was from the king turd-ball Jive Talking Doucet...the man who will run for mayor and probably win in this idiotic city (sorry Rose but when they continually return buffoons like Doucent, Cullen, Deans, Holmes, Legendre and others to the table and expect something different - makes us idiots)...was this little gem..

Capital Coun. Clive Doucet believes neither proposal works for the city. He argued it's well-known Scotiabank Place is in the wrong place, so why make the same mistake twice by putting another stadium there. Lansdowne Park, on the other hand, should be treated as a heritage site, not a place for a plan that includes a hotel and shopping mall.

Jive crapping out of both sides of your mouth now.  You mean the privately built stadium in Kanata that brings in tons of revenue for the city that you supposedly assist in running (cough, choke, wheeze).  Where exactly would  the better place to put a stadium be.   Landsdown Park?, which you also oppose, woops, or how about Lebreton? which isn't ideal either due to catastrophic infrastructure and traffic flow problems which make the Kanata site seem more than ideal.   Who is telling you this, Jive Talker, that this is well-known to be a bad site.   And BTW, way to throw privatately build complexes under the bus because as we all know this bone-head would love to see Landdown turned into a public park so he could host poetry reading contests to his rabble.  He really needs to just stop talking and let the adults decide on this.

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