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Sens Talk / Re: Who will be Sens new coach?
« on: May 01, 2016, 06:48:20 PM »
I heard that Yeo already had a second interview just before Boudreau got fired.  And apparently Boudreau's daughter, who lives in Ottawa, tweeted something about Boudreau coming to Ottawa, but that could just mean that he's coming to visit his daughter.

Sens Talk / Re: Should the Ottawa Senators Move Mike Hoffman?
« on: July 21, 2015, 10:29:10 AM »
Sens are offering Chiasson $1 million per season.  Chiasson is looking for $2.45 million per season.

Sens Talk / Re: Lehner & Legwand to Buffalo for 21st draft pick
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:31:42 AM »
Good deal for the Sens.

Legwand was a healthy scratch near the end of the season and it gives the Sens some cap relief.

With both O'Connor and Hammond being signed, it was either going to be Anderson or Lehner.  Getting a 1st for a goalie who still hasn't really proven himself as a starter and had a serious concussion is pretty good.

I was hoping to go and check out one of those 1st round picks (Colin White) when Boston plays the University of Michigan, but unfortunately UoM (who plays Boston twice in the upcoming season) plays both games in Boston.

Sens Talk / Re: Should the Ottawa Senators Move Mike Hoffman?
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:19:19 AM »
I don't think Murray will trade Chiasson just yet.  I've watched Pau play during the season and I've watched both Guptil and Paul play at the rookie tourney in London. 

I like Guptil's game, but I don't think he'll ever make it to the NHL.  Maybe as a 4th liner.  I like how he goes to the net and could probably make it as a super pest.  He sure seemed to annoy the hell out of the Pittsburgh rookies last year.

I was impressed with Paul at the rookie tourney.  He'll need a bit of time in the AHL, but not much.  He's big, physical, drives to the net...he's a Murray player.  Will he be a top 6 forward?  Don't know, but he'll definitely carve out a niche for himself on the 3rd line.

Sens Talk / Re: Should the Ottawa Senators Move Mike Hoffman?
« on: July 21, 2015, 09:09:17 AM »

Barring a great trade return I dont think  we should part with Hoffman just yet.

Chiasson, however, wouldnt bother me if he was traded.

The only thing here is that Hoffman WOULD get a better return and maybe even a larger $$$ amount in arbitration. Chiasson wouldn't net much as a trade target.
Dealing Chiasson would just be admitting we got played big time in the Spezza trade. Wasn't he the main piece? That would be tough to swallow after Bishop/Concaher.....
I don't think Hoffman would get that big of an amount.  Certainly not near what he's asking.  You have to remember, he's pretty streaky, was up and down the depth chart most of the season and he's not very good defensively.

I heard he's asking north of $4 million.  He's not worth that.

Sens Talk / Re: Playoff talk
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:44:34 AM »
Subban not suspended, but then again I forgot who the head NHL disciplinarian was.  For Montreal Canadien, Stephane Quintal.  Since he's come in, he's consistently turned a blind eye where the Habs are concerned.

Sens Talk / Re: Playoff talk
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:01:33 AM »
I think the Sens were trying to be a little too fancy at times instead of doing the little things that got them to the dance in the first place.   I thought Borowiecki was the only one who knew they were in a playoff game from the time the puck dropped.

I'm not too worried about Hammond.  He should get the start in game 2.  He's shown during his run to the playoffs that he can bounce back from a bad game.

Subban's slash could be considered a blatant intent to injure.  I believe that it was, but I also believe he got what got, because he bitches about everything and the refs made the wrong call on Eller's high stick.  He used the butt end of his stick on Zibanejad and I'm pretty sure that's a match penalty (could be wrong).

Cameron should've kept his intentions inhouse with regards to what he plans on doing if Subban isn't suspended.

It's time for the boys to get refocused on the task at hand because this series is going to get a whole lot nastier if game 1 is any indication.


Sens Talk / Re: Senators fire head coach MacLean
« on: December 08, 2014, 09:53:13 PM »
Obviously having 9 dmen is a problem.  Condra and Greening are issues as well.  But this move has Melnyk written all over it.  Melnyk was never sold on MacLean and now he has his man in as the head coach.  This team is a mess.

Anything But Hockey / Re: Christmas disclaimer
« on: November 12, 2014, 08:15:40 AM »
Try telling an Atheist that the fact they don't believe in anything is their doctrine, and therefore can be considered religion.  They don't like that.

So far what I've noticed about NHL GameCentre Live is that now that it is run by Rogers it looks as though I now have access to see all the games.  Since I live in a cable free home, it is worth the $200 I spent to get it.

Only real beefs I have, before Rogers took over you could rewind during a game to watch a play that you missed or replay the game if you missed some of it.  I don't have that ability anymore.  I can pause a game and go pick up my son at his hockey practice, but if I've missed anything I have to wait a day before I can watch a replay of the game.

I have it through  I don't have cable whatsoever.  Only missed 4 Sens games last season because those particular games were not considered out of market.  I think it will be more games this year as TSN is only showing around 60 regional games and those are the ones that I should have access to.
I know that some fans down in the States are suing the NHL over NHLGamecenter, and rightfully so.  They claim that many people who subscribe to it, either do not have cable or only have basic cable and still wouldn't be able to view some games nationally with the basic cable package.  So if you are fan of the Panthers and live in New York, you will miss the national games.  I'm a fan of the Sens now living in Sarnia and I do not have cable, and with the new deal with Rogers, just how many games am I going to miss.
The NHL, just like many specialty channels, are missing a huge money making market of catering to people who view streaming video.

Anything But Hockey / Re: When I was young
« on: July 28, 2014, 10:05:54 AM »
I remember the one golden rule of being a kid back in the day..."You come home when the street lights come on."

I encourage my kids to go out and hang out with friends all the time, just so long as they let us know where they're going, who they are with, and when they intend to come home (that's when the negotiation starts).

Although my oldest could never understand why we always got on him over playing video games and not his younger brother.  We kept trying to explain to him that the difference was he never let the house to physically socialize with anyone, while his younger brother would go hang out with friends, play video games, play outside, then go back to playing video games.

Anything But Hockey / Re: When I was young
« on: July 26, 2014, 09:19:20 AM »
We didn't have video games, so we actually went out and played.  You could walk out the door with a baseball glove and end up playing street hockey or vice versa.

I was a kid the 70s and a teenager in the 80s.  People knock those two decades all the time, but the truth is we had more fun and more respect for the people around us, then kids do now.

Sens Talk / Re: Spezza traded
« on: July 05, 2014, 10:58:57 AM »
I can't believe they actually got Legwand.  It's a great signing and all, but I wouldn't have thought that Ottawa would've been his first choice of stops.

Sens Talk / Re: Spezza traded
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:30:21 AM »
If Spezza had a couple of years left on his contract, then it probably isn't a very good deal.
Both Chaisson and Paul are big kids.  Not pleased with Chaisson's +/- stats, but I think he'll flourish under the Walrus.  Paul nearly doubled his point total from last season and had a strong playoffs with North Bay this year.  Guptill put up good numbers with Michigan.
This could turn out to be like another Boston deal when they got Matt Fraser and Reilly Smith as throw ins on the Seguin deal.

Anything But Hockey / Re: Credit Card Fraud
« on: May 31, 2014, 10:03:34 AM »
But if you didn't place the order then someone somewhere has your card number and the 3 digit code on the back. You could get charged again and again and again.
True enough.  Forgot to mention that I do have a new card.

Sens Talk / Re: Should Sens Sign Dan Boyle?
« on: May 30, 2014, 10:58:26 AM »
Unless they make room on the backend for Boyle, I don't see the Sens signing him.

I thought Gryba played well with Methot, but Methot also plays well with Karlsson.  Cowen struggled most of the season and maybe it was because he was hurting.  I would like to see Cowen paired with Karlsson and have McLean tell Cowen "Just play defense, Erik will do the rest".  I like the pairing of Phillips with Ceci.

I have never been big on Wiercioch.  Eventhough his skating has improved some, I still feel he's soft for his size.  I'd really like to Borowiecki get a shot.  Maybe he gets a shot with Ceci or with Karlsson.  Maybe the picture will be much clearer at the draft.

Anything But Hockey / Re: Credit Card Fraud
« on: May 30, 2014, 10:49:03 AM »
A couple of months ago there was a charge on my credit to some company in Utah.  We disputed the purchase and won.

General Hockey Discussions / Re: 2014 Playoffs
« on: May 20, 2014, 02:31:59 PM »
Cherry presented some compelling evidence that shows that it may have been started by Markov during the handshake.

General Hockey Discussions / Re: TSN will no longer carry NHL games
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:08:31 PM »
Yeah, hockey isn't the only place where politics can get wacky. City hall can be quite the side-show for such a small-ish place. Still, the relative peace and quiet (as long as you don't live in the downtown area) is pretty nice. I lived in Brights Grove and would go back there anytime. Nothing like walking by the lake after dark in the summer...
We're currently on Lakshore.  Downtown is really quiet now.  Been to one Sting game when the 67s came to town, but I really liked watching the Legionnaires. 

Another reason for hockey not being too great here is that they're looking at closing two arenas.  That would leave only 4 ice pads for the entire city and that's no where near enough.  They already charge more than most places for ice time and it costs extra to drill holes into the ice to put down the pegs.  Nets come off a lot.

The Sarnia rep teams play in, what I call the '401 league'.  The closest team you play against is in London, which is over a 200km round trip.  There are closer towns who play in the Shamrock league and I asked one parent why Sarnia doesn't play in that.  He told me that they did for a couple of years, but they kept getting their asses handed to them, so they got out and went back to the London league.  London is going to be tougher next season, because they are only going to have two AA instead of 4, which means their MD (Rep B in Ottawa) teams will be stronger as well.  The house league is a bit of a joke because they only play each other and they don't try to develop their players at all.  Never mind questioning the refs because they'll either throw you out or make fun of your kids.

Sarnia is a nice quiet place to retire to, but I'm glad I'm renting because my son isn't playing hockey here next season.  They only way we stay is if he makes AAA or they release him.  It's too bad because his high school coach keeps asking him if he'll be here next season because they have 10 players graduating and I think he'd be one of two defencemen returning.

Meh...what are you going to do? :smily677:

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