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Anything But Hockey / HELP!!!!! PLEASE......
« on: November 12, 2004, 02:54:09 PM »
FALSE PUBLICITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok here's my situation:

I saw these boots that I really liked at Transit in the Rideau center. They were $79,99.  I thought they were a little expensive (university student here!) so I waited a couple of days and then I decided to go on their website to see if maybe the price had come down, and it had! It said they were now $49,99!!! So I thought it was perfect so I went back to the store, they had my size, I loved them, so I decided to buy them. Little did I know is that they did not seem to know about the new price I had seen on their own website. I had 2 salespeople each tell me that a) maybe I had seen the white ones' price because the white ones were indeed on sale b) maybe I had seen the American price. The fact that I told them that I had seen the price on their Canadian website (both in English and in French... I had checked) did not seem to affect their opinion of the whole situation... I asked them if maybe they could put them on the side for me and I would come back with the proof of what I had seen, but they said no because it was the last pair (which kind of sucked because I really, really wanted them so I didn't want to risk losing them). SO I bought them with the intention of fixing the whole thing to my advantage... and not only that but it's the principle of the whole thing. They can't advertise a price and then ignore it! It's false publicity!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I'm just wondering what to actually do. My mom's thinking about what to do also, but I know some of you are really bright and might actually know about the legal side of it all, so I thought I could for sure get some help...

The website is and then click on "Transit in Canada-- come on in", then at the top of the page click on "fashion", then "collections", then "girls" ...the it's kinda complicated but to browse the collections you have to use the arrow keys of your keyboard... So for my boots, go to the top row, go to the left and my boots are the second last. They're black and they kinda look like Dr. Martens'. They're called "Ann"  :roll:  And the price is on the right, and they're CLEARLY marked down........

So yeah I could use any help about what to do next. Should I go back to the store or directly call their main office??

Thanks a whole bunch.

Anything But Hockey / *shoots herself in the head*
« on: November 01, 2004, 01:55:00 AM »

STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID COUGH THAT'S PREVENTING ME FROM GOING TO SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I went to sleep now, I'd sleep 5 hours. But that's if it happened now.  Which isn't happening.  :roll:

Does anyone have ANY idea what I could do/take??  I've already taken 4 222 tablets with codeine when it said only 2 at a time. I've dranked warm milk, herbal tea, water. I'm out of ideas (and out of milk as well, so more of it out of the question).

So I do realize I won't get any answers tonight, but I'm sure my cough will still be there tomorrow night, so I'll know for then.  :evil:  :evil:

Anything But Hockey / What to give my mom for her birthday?
« on: October 29, 2004, 01:46:15 PM »
It's my mom's birthday on the 5th and my brothers and I have NO idea what to get her.  Books and CDs are boring... we always end up getting her that.  Gift certificates are always an option, though not an original one, but at least she can get what she wants.  :?   Things we've already gotten her in the past years: gift certificate for a massage, books, CDs, picture frames (lol), flowers, paintings (not ours.... bought).....  This summer we bought our dad a 75$ gift certificate for the National Arts Center, which he loved and which my mom thought was an excellent idea....... So there's that, except it really will look like we had no idea what to get her.  Which is true.

So here's some info about my mom :P :

-She's turning 54
-She's into music
-She's into books
-She likes nature
-She has an Echo (ok that's useless but I'm out of things to say)

Do you guys have any ideas??? It'd be greatly appreciated... Thanks  :D

Anything But Hockey / University humor
« on: October 16, 2004, 04:09:41 PM »

       1. Quarters are gold.

       2. Two meals per day is the standard.

       3. Road trip whenever possible.

       4. Going to the mailbox was never an ego booster/breaker before.

       5. You will begin to nap again.

       6. Your bookstore bill will almost equal tuition.

       7. Squirt guns = Stress relief.

       8. Instant messenger becomes an addiction.

       9. E-mail becomes your second language

       10. College students throw paper airplanes too.

       11. You never realized that so many people were smarter than you.

       12. College football is the coolest thing on the planet.

       13. Western Europe could be wiped out by a horrible plague and you wouldn't know, but you can recite last week's re-run of The 70's Show verbatim.

       14. Cartoons are for all ages.

       15. Disney movies are more than just classics.

       16. You will never rent/buy more movies in your life.

       17. No one is too old for video games.

      18. Procrastination is an art form.

       19. SNOOD is more addicting than pot.

       20. Thanks to Kazaa/Audiogalaxy/Morpheus, you will never listen to any of your CDs ever again.

       21. It never hurt so much to get sick.

       22. The health service nurses are there because they couldn't make it at a real hospital. Never, ever forget that.

       23. Care packages are right up there with birthdays.

       24. Campus is only clean for Family Weekend and Freshman Orientation.

       25. Nothing you want to register for will be open.

       26. Classes... the later the better.

       27. You are no longer thankful that the fire alarms are here to protect you.

       28. Jeans may be worn as many times as the wearer desires.

       29. The only time to dress up is when your jeans are dirty.

       30. Showers become less important; sleep becomes more important.

       31. Asleep by 2:30 am is an early night.

       32. Creativity in the dining halls is KEY...

       33. The freshman 15 is NOT a myth!!!

       34. If it's snowing out, the only reason you will leave your room is for food.

       35. Dishes smell after days of piling up.

       36. Cereal makes a meal any time of the day.

       37. You will eat anywhere that is a buffet.

       38. You will eat anything that is free.

       39. New additions to food groups: pitapit and pizza.

       40. Stealing from the dining hall will become second nature.

       41. ATM's are the devils advocate. ATM = Another Twenty Missing.

       42. Keys have never been so important, yet you seem to lose them or lock yourself out of the room even more.

       43. Duct tape heals all wounds.

       44. If they say you can't have it in your dorm, they are just kidding.

       45. You will come to hate hallways/elevators with a passion. (STAIRS ARE THE DEVIL)

       46. You will begin to negotiate with God even if you have doubted his existence in the past..."Please God, if you let me pass this final, I'll never drink again!"

       47. Pictures, posters, emails or anything else to cover the ugly cell we live in will be transformed into wallpaper.

       48. Everyone is only nice for the first week. After that, no matter how nice you are, some people just won't smile back. Get used to it.

       49. You are never alone!

       50. You realize college is the ideal life! style, except for those pesky classes


       10. You cry for your mother.

       9. You cross the street without looking for cars.

       8. Snack time is a necessity.

       7. You bundle up for the outdoors without caring what you look like because everyone else looks as stupid as you do.

       6. You stay at home and play games with your friends.

       5. You wear your backpack on both shoulders.

       4. You wear big mittens.

       3. Playing in the snow is a legitimate activity.

       2. You take naps.

       1. You look forward to grilled cheese sandwiches.


       - You actually like doing laundry at home.

       - Two miles is not too far to walk for a party.

       - You'd rather clean than study.

       - "Oh man how did it get so late!" comes out of your mouth at least once a night.

       - Mom's Meatloaf and potatoes become something you desire, not avoid.

       -  Half the time you don't wake up in your own bed and it seems normal.

       - You schedule your classes around sleep habits and soap operas.

       - You know the pizza boy by name.

       - You go to sleep when it's light and get up when it's dark.

       - You live for getting mail.

       - Looking out the window is a form of entertainment.

       - Prank phone calls become funny again.

       - You start thinking and sounding like your roommate.

       - Black lights and highlighters are the coolest things on earth.

       - Rearranging your room is your favorite pastime.

       - The weekend lasts from Thursday to Sunday.


       That it didn't matter how late I scheduled my first class, I'd still sleep through it.

       That I could change so much and barely realize it

       That you can love a lot of people in a lot of different ways.

       No matter how 'cool' you were in high school, no one here cares.

       That if you wear polyester everyone will ask why you are so dressed up.

       That every clock on campus shows a different time.

       That if you were smart in high school, so what? It doesn't matter here.

       That I would go to a party the night before a final.

       That Labs/Art studios take up more time than all my other classes put together.

       That you can know everything and fail a test.

       That you can know nothing and ace a test.

       That I could get used to almost anything found out about my roommate.

       That most of my education would be obtained outside of class.

       That friendship is more than getting drunk together.

       That I would be one of those people that my parents warned me about

       That Sunday is a figment of the world's imagination.

       That Psychology is really Biology. That Biology is really Chemistry, that Chemistry is really Physics and that Physics is really Math.

       That my parents would become so much smarter in the last few years.

       That it's possible to be alone even when friends surround you.

       That friends are what make this place worthwhile!



       GUELPH - v; to vomit due to drinking.

       USAGE : If I have one more shot, I think I'll Guelph.

       YORK - v; to spit out a large, coughed-up phlegm loogie with chunks in it.

       USAGE : "hack!" "puhtooie!" Mmmm ... I just Yorked.

       RYERSON - v; to claim to be something you are not.

       USAGE : He totally Ryersoned on me man, it's only four inches!

       QUEEN'S - v; to act superior, the opposite of humble

       USAGE: That dude was totally Queens.

       TRENT - n; giant green floating poop.

       USAGE : Dude, I just hung a major Trent!

       LAKEHEAD - v; to forget everything.

       USAGE : Shit, I went completely Lakehead on that exam!

       WINDSOR - v; party, slack-off

       USAGE : Why study when you can Windsor!

       WESTERN - v; to obtain commitment-free sex.

       USAGE : We're going out to the bar to see if we can Western tonight.

       CARLETON - n; easy access.

       USAGE : She was wearing jogging pants; it was real Carleton.

       OTTAWA - n; horrible french accent.

       USAGE : He speaks with an Ottawa.

       McMASTER - v; to pleasure oneself.

       USAGE : He's in his room McMastering.

       LAURENTIAN - n; a desperate plea.

       USAGE : Please, I Laurentian you!

       McGILL - v; swelling of the head.

       USAGE : Her head has completely McGilled!

       NIPPISSING - v; to void an enlarged bladder.

       USAGE : I just drank 16 beers, I freaking need to Nippissing.

       R.M.C. - n; severe beating.

       USAGE : He got a savage R.M.C.!

       WATERLOO - v; to fart in a tub/pool.

       USAGE : Ahh gross! Did you just Waterloo!?!

       CONCORDIA -- adj; young, innocent.

       USAGE : I dig those Concordia girls.


       Q: Why don't they have Christmas at Western?

       A: They can't find a virgin and three wise men.

       Q: How do they separate the men from the boys at McMaster?

       A: With a restraining order.

       A severe storm rumbled through Guelph last week and destroyed the entire town: $10 worth of damage was reported.

       Q: Why is it so windy in Kingston?

       A: Because Queen's blows!

       Q: What do you get when you drive quickly through the Lakehead campus?

       A: An undergraduate degree.

       Q: What's the first thing a Carleton girl does when she wakes up in the morning?

       A: Walk home.

       Q: How can you tell if a Trent student is a heterosexual?

       A: He can outrun his roommate

       Q: What does a U of T student call a Laurier student after graduation?

       A: Boss.

       Q: Why do they sell so many button-fly jeans in Guelph?

       A: Because the sheep can hear the zippers a mile away.

       Did you hear that the library at Ryerson burned down? Naturally, the students were very upset...some of the books weren't colored-in yet.

       Q: Why do York graduates put a copy of their diploma in the window of their vehicles?

       A: So they can park in handicap spaces.

       Q: How do you get a Western grad off your front porch?

       A: Pay him for the pizza.

       Q: Who does the Waterloo Engineering Society fear the most?

       A: Immigration.

Anything But Hockey / THAT'S IT! I've had enough!
« on: September 11, 2004, 11:30:37 AM »
Which ones of you are guys, and which one of you are girls?  :lol:

It's all very confusing....... Well actually it's obvious in some cases, but a lot less obvious in other cases.

Let's start a thread in which every single member HAS to answer this question: Are you MALE or FEMALE?


Thank you for your cooperation and support  :lol:

Anything But Hockey / Please help me win an argument at work!
« on: August 04, 2004, 03:18:00 PM »
lol it's not really an argument, more of a discussion.  It's simple, really. The thing is, we're wondering whether or not they ever found John F. Kennedy Jr.'s body after his plane had crashed?  He died alongside his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren.

If any of you know it, it would help. Thanks!  :D

Anything But Hockey / Fun: And things we need less of
« on: August 04, 2004, 01:41:27 PM »
On the other hand, here's what I need less of:

People who don't signal before turning/switching lanes
Reality TV
Paris Hilton
Anti-gay people
Anti-choice people
Rude people
13 year old girls who dress like they're 20
Closed minds

That's all for me, well for now anyways.  It's your turn!

Anything But Hockey / Fun: Things we need more of
« on: August 04, 2004, 01:29:40 PM »
I saw this on another board and thought it was fun!  

Here's what I need more of:

Self esteem
Hot boys

Your turn!!  :D

Anything But Hockey / Very weird: The Julie Bureau Story
« on: July 27, 2004, 10:21:16 AM »
Has anyone else followed this whole thing?  It's weird.  For those of you who haven't, Julie Bureau is a 17 year old who has been reported missing for 3 years.  She was found last week in a town less than an hour away from her parents' house and she was living with a 38 year old man.  The thing is, she refused to see her parents (she since then did) and they really didn't seem that thrilled that she had been found.  During a press conference yesterday, she said that for her, it was either running away or commiting suicide.  She's now going back to the 38 year old man's house.

She didn't call her parents ONCE during these 3 years.... she must've had a really bad life with them to do that.  There's something really fishy under this that we don't know, that's for sure.  Maybe her dad abused her or something.

Anyways, that's all for now.  I just wanted to know if any of you had heard of this.   That's all we've been hearing about here in Québec for the past week and a half.

Anything But Hockey / Happy Canada Day!
« on: July 01, 2004, 11:17:41 AM »
Let's celebrate this wonderful country that we're all very fortunate to live in!!  :D



Anything But Hockey / The Official "Name your phobias" Thread
« on: June 23, 2004, 09:17:00 PM »
lmao I thought I'd pitch in.

So here are my phobias:

-Breaking my neck/ back
-Getting something in my eyes / having them poked.... pretty much anything that has to do with my eyes, basically
-Having something amputated/cut off
-Getting out of a fire alive and having to live with my face/body burnt really bad

And last but not least, (this being elections time and all)

-Having a Conservative government...

LMAO I'm just kidding.... Please don't take this the wrong way. I just had to put this in for the sake of it.  Let me tell you that I would rather the last one happened 54676891223 times before having anything of the things mentionned above done to me.

What about you?

(Please don't let this be another elections thread  :lol:  )

Oh, and there are no rules.  Just post away!

Feedback/Wishlist/Issues / how to post pictures???
« on: April 26, 2004, 03:22:36 PM »
I've been trying to post pictures but it's not working!!!!  I'm not an expert in that kind of stuff, but usually I can manage it. This time, all I can see is that little box with the X in it.... god damnit!

Can anyone help me?  :?

EDIT: thanks for moving it... I NEVER think of this forum as the one to put these questions in. Thanks!

Like, WHEN exactly?  Isn't in September? Can anyone confirm?

Sens Talk / James Duthie's column
« on: April 01, 2004, 09:31:34 AM »
I didn't know whether to put this in General NHL Discussion or in here.  I know it doesn't look like it's about the Sens, but there's a certain question that is ALL about the Sens......... If you can find it; it's not really hard.  :lol:   It's a really funny column, as always.......he's a genious!!!!  8)

Duthie: Viewer Mail
Between the endless Viagra and Penis Enlargement SPAM I get (Seriously, do you get these too? And if not, what are the SPAM GODS trying to tell me?), I get a lot of questions from you, my beloved readers. And I appreciate all seven of you.

For the sake of avoiding having to email the same answers over and over (read: lazy), I have decided to periodically respond to some of your frequently asked questions, in lieu of writing an actual column (read: really freakin' lazy).

All answers are final. No appeals.

Who should I pick in my playoff pool?

Look, You're asking a guy who last year told everyone who'd listen to "Load up on Wings and Leafs! It's a no-brainer!" Which was the hockey equivalent of saying: "Gigli will sweep the Oscars!"

The playoffs are like the Super 7 now (See: Ducks, Wild). Picking winners is like going to a sperm bank…You just don't know which seed is going to get through. So when I say go heavy on Lightning and Stars, you may as well say: "Give me all Isles!"

Or do like the monkey: Spin a wheel. Speaking of which…

Will Maggie the Monkey be back on your playoff broadcasts?

This is a painful issue. Truth is, Maggie's fame came far too fast last year, and her Macaquian life has been in a downward spiral since. Clubbing, drugs…She basically became the primate Corey Feldman. However, if she gets out of the "clinic" in time, and a deal can be worked out with her "handlers", we'd love to have the monkey back. Despite the fact she frequently pees on my shoe.

Pray for her.

Will there be NHL hockey next year?


…On ESPN Classic Canada. Besides that, no shot.

Is your studio as big as it looks on TV?

Yes.  The square footage is roughly equal to…Peru.  It's actually the same studio they used for all those old CTV shows like "Circus", "Bizarre" and "Shirley!"  In fact, when the guys in the crew went through some old boxes at the back of the studio, they found Dini Petty.

What is Jennifer Hedger really like?

The bosses will probably kill me for this, but Jennifer Hedger doesn't exist. If you've seen the movie S1m0ne with Al Pacino (By the way: Al, what the hell were you thinking?), it's basically the same concept.  "Jennifer" is a computer-designed hologram. When I am seen standing next to "her", I am really alone in front of a blue screen. The 3-D image is projected using CGI technology. It's basically the same way the creatures were added to Lord Of The Rings in post-production. Her comments are prepared and inputted in advance by a team of writers. Frequently used comments like: "You're an idiot James!" are available on demand with the touch of a key. It works the same way on Sportscentre. I am frankly shocked that you all bought it. This is Television, people! Nothing is real.

Do you ever show any personal bias towards teams?

Absolutely not.

Do you ever get bored and play that game where the first letter of every word forms a secret message?

Something entirely nonsensical?  Seldom.  Rarely useful little exercise.  

Who is the favorite guest you've had on the NHL on TSN?

Pick 'em: Doug Gilmour, Adam Graves, Cam Neely, Mike Bossy, Bryan Trottier, Paul Stewart, Ron Wilson, Bobby Smith, Tiger Williams, Kris Draper. Basically, anyone who doesn't sucker punch me, I adore.

How do I get into broadcasting?

You should enroll in a journalism or broadcasting program, and get as much experience as you can. Volunteer at the campus radio station…whatever it takes.

Or sleep with Vic Rauter.

(Obviously, I'm kidding…broadcasting programs never work).

How did you build that chiseled physique?

Okay, no one has ever asked that. But if one of you could, it would mean a lot.

Sens Talk / Time is running out
« on: March 28, 2004, 04:49:36 PM »
Hasn't Alfredsson said all season long that he wanted to get signed before the playoffs started? And hasn't the organisation agreed? DAMMIT, GET HIM SIGNED! There's less than two weeks left before the playoffs start!

Sens Talk / MAJOR rant (regarding playoff tickets)
« on: March 22, 2004, 01:57:34 PM »
Ok I don't really know if this belongs in here since it IS about the Sens but at the same time it's not REALLY about the Sens.. hmmm.

Anyways here it goes. This morning I went to Sports Experts here in Hull. I got there at 9:30 (I had no idea what to expect, if there was going to be a line or what.... turned out I was third in the "line" like 7.) So yeah, first of all, the stupid girl took allllllll her freakin time to write on the computer what the first man wanted, which was already pissing me off because 5 minutes had past, then she was waiting for the first tickets to print for like 3 or 4 minutes because for some reason the printer was not working properly (THIS morning of ALL mornings???????). So then she tells a woman who'd gotten there LATER than me that it's her turn (she ended up buying 3 club seats for the first two games.... cost like 950$  :shock: ).  Once again, she acts as if she has all the time in the world.  So yeah, at like 10:15, it's FINALLY my turn.  I ask for 2 for the second game in the coca-cola zone, but she tells me they're all gone, so then I ask for the cheapest in the GM zone, she tells me the cheapest they have is 35$, and I'm like "hmmm that's impossible" so she checks again and says "oops I was looking at the regular season prices  The cheapest we have left is 75$ and it's section 302, row K".. I'm like "WTF??" and I ask her to check again if there wouldn't be by any chance ANYTHING cheaper, anywhere.  She says no, so I buy the damn tickets (costs me 160,50$.... I'm a student who works less than 10 hours a week at 7,75$ an hour, dammit.....).  I storm out, and I'm about to get my keys and I see the guy who was behind me in line already coming out of the store (what? it took her 2 minutes for him?), so I ask him what he got, and he says that he bought 2 44$ tickets for the second game...... He's in 302 as well, row P (that's 5 rows behind me).  At this point, I'm not a very happy person, but I try to calm down. I then see a elderly couple who were behind the guy in line, and I ask then what they got, and they tell me they have 2 44$ tickets for the second game.......  At that point, I was trying to think of a solution to get rid of the tickets I had bought, so I go back inside, and I ask the woman to see if she has any 44$ tickets left, and he says no.  Good thing, cuz then I figured nobody would want to buy mine cuz they suck so much.

So I'm a very pissed off girl right now.  I can't believe how much I got screwed.  How did this incompetent like this end up doing such an important job as selling playoff tickets???????

General Hockey Discussions / ESPN's "The Season" on the Avs
« on: February 23, 2004, 11:08:18 AM »
Last night I watched ESPN's "The Season" on the Avalanche, which aired on TSN, and I really liked it. I'd never heard of that series, which from what I saw follows one sports team for one season... last night was part 1, and it was narrated by James Hetfield.  

It showed some players at home, or at the store, and the team's Halloween party (H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!)...... they keep picking on Kariya! lmao

Has anyone else seen it? I wouldn't have watched hadn't my brother asked me to tape it because of James Hetfield narrating it.  Ended up being really interesting!

General Hockey Discussions / How would you describe the game of hockey?
« on: February 22, 2004, 10:05:10 AM »
Note to moderators: I wasn't sure in which forum to put this in, so feel free to move it if you feel it belongs in another forum.

How would you describe the game of hockey?  What words would you use that could describe the its "beautifulness"? Are there such words? Are words such as "exciting" and "beautiful"  powerful enough to describe what hockey is like?

In one word or one sentence, what's hockey to you?

Sens Talk / 2 special goals
« on: February 19, 2004, 09:04:18 PM »
1- I mean, no one can argue, scoring in his first game with a new team has to give Bondra some confidence and will ease his transition for sure.  Good for him.

2- Schaefer has a way to score incredible goals... he was at 180 degrees with the goal line! How the hell did that go in?  :shock:  :D  It's always great to see goals like that being scored.

Incredible second period.  Let's hope will keep it up.  I'm confident.

Sens Talk / what's with all the Alfie booing?
« on: January 31, 2004, 07:53:47 PM »
is it still about the fake stick throw?  It's funny anyways.  It's super automatic... reminds me of when Yashin comes back to town!

Other than that, a pretty exciting game so far.. It's weird to see Domi wearing a visor, but I think it's a mature thing to do. I hope he keeps it (more for the example he sets than for his safety... lol).

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