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Sens Talk / Payer, Giroux, Hull or Vermette?
« on: September 28, 2003, 09:17:23 PM »
Ok, so with Havlat still out but hopefully not for long, which candidate do you think will make the squad? I have only listened to some of the pre-season games so can only judge by that.  However, if I would keep any of these players I would decide between Giroux or Payer. My reasoning is that I think Hull should go straight to Bingo if he really wants to be a player/coach and from there be a call up deepending on needs.  Vermette is putting up some points but will need to be carefully inserted into the line up during the regular season.  I think they should take the Spezza route with him and call him up for 10-20 games--again deepending on injuries and needs.  Giroux and Payer seem similarly built but I have not seen them live so can't be sure.  They both seem to have good scoring ability and toughness.  They are also both having a good camp from the look of their placement on exhibition score sheets.

Sens Talk / 2003-2004 Powerplay
« on: September 18, 2003, 11:15:38 PM »
Ok, its tough to predict lines especially with Jacques Martin because they change all the time--he seems to only stick with pairs of RW and Centres.  However, one thing that is fairly stable is the powerplay unit--the first unit being more stable than the rest.  Here's my prediction for the two units and I am curious to see other people's thoughts and recommendations--keep in mind that the people on the unit usaully depend on how the powerplay is played (controled from the point or the down-low strategy).

Unit #1

Unit #2

Unit#1: I personally don't like Alfie on the point. I think Rachunek has potential to be a good powerplay quaterback and should at least be given a chance.  The lethalness of the forwards should give a lot of room to the pointmen.

Unit#2: I like the idea of a crash the net powerplay which is why Fisher and Varada are on although White and Smoke would also do well and even Chara in as a forward.  I just want to see Fisher get some PP time especially if he will be the 4th line centre.

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