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Future of Duchene, Stone, Dzingle & Boucher


Hi Folks

I know it was eons I posted something here. Glad to see itís not shut down yet. 😁 Just wanted to open up a thread on whatís going on right now with the sens camp. Will Duchie, Stoner,Dzinger re-sign or will they all go on the trade block? I guess time will tell. Personally I think we will lose Stone and Duchene. Think about it they are in their prime now and do they want to sign with a team that may not be a play off contender for at least 5 plus years from now? Not very likely. I am not sure about Dzingel I have a feeling we will keep him. Lastly Guy Boucher what will happen to him? Most likely he will be let go as his contract is up this summer.  I hope Luke Richardson would be considered a candidate. Thoughts,  comments??  please share.


I'm afraid you are correct.  This team has been in rebuilding mode for far to long.  It would surprise me if any talented player would want to spend any kind of time and commitment to this team right now.

I guess theyíre all gone now anyways. Letís see if the young guns can carry the load.

And when the current young players are good enough, they will all be traded away for the "future"...


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