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Redden fans!
« on: September 09, 2003, 06:15:46 PM »
Hello everyone! I know most of you probably get Sens Insider, but today I got an e-mail from them. They had an catching up session with Wade Redden! I thought all the Wade fans on here would enjoy reading something about Wade...I know I was thrilled to receive the e-mail. I haven't hardly heard anything about Wade all summer.

Ottawa Senators defenceman Wade Redden is a fan favourite and many were relieved when the 26-year-old assistant captain re-signed with the team for three more years.

He has been a mainstay on the Senators’ blueline, providing leadership and solid defensive play for seven seasons. Redden, a 2002 NHL all-star, currently ranks third in all-time games played (548) with Ottawa while also ranking in the top 10 in all offensive categories. While in Ottawa for a short while during the summer months, Redden took time to answer some questions:

Wade, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. First question, the hockey season is now right around the corner, what are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

WR: I’m excited about next year. Obviously, the excitement we had last year and going that far, I think we learned a lot about what it’s all about. So, I think that everyone, myself included, is looking forward to next season and we have a lot of high hopes about it.

Most of that team is returning this season, does that mean a lot to you considering the success of last year?

WR: Yeah, I think it’s great. I mean, we did have a good team last year and I think we’ll be that much better next year with the experience we had. I’m just looking forward to getting back and going ahead and having fun with the year. Our expectations are to win and to just go out and enjoy it.

Do you stay in touch with the NHL news over the summer time — the player signings, trades, etc.?

WR: Yeah, I follow things. I watch Sportsnet on TV and keep an eye on the ticker. Who’s going where, if there’s trades or signings — I keep on top of it.

Last season, the Senators were one goal away from the Stanley Cup final, is it harder to enter this season knowing you have to go through the entire year just for a chance to get to back to the same spot? How do you maintain focus knowing you can’t overlook the regular season while still trying to get back to that same spot?

WR: I think you always take the same approach. I think even when we were playing in the playoffs, you just do what you do best is what it comes down to. There’s certain things you can’t control, and it’s not guaranteed you’re going to get back to that spot but you just got to have the same approach. I think we’re a hard-working team. We play a good system together and that’s really our trademark. I think we just have to stick with that and we’ll be rewarded and hopefully get back to that spot.

How do you feel about your season personally last year?

WR: I was happy with it, I guess. I felt good. I think I contributed to the team and had a part in the success.

What do you feel you have to work on entering this new season?

WR: I think overall you just try to come to camp in shape and ready to go. I think as a team we’ve grown over the years, and I’ve done the same. I’m trying to be a little more assertive. You know, you just try to make plays. I think we’ve got a skilled team, I think you want to just to go out and go for it. You don’t want to sit back. For myself, I just want to go out and try to contribute all over the place.

Can you tell us what you do in the off-season?

WR: I guess I’ve been out west for two months. It’s been a good summer. I was between Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, (his home town) and Edmonton for the better part of it but also had a few trips. I was out in British Columbia on a house-boat trip for a week. In Edmonton, I’m doing my wake-boarding business with Roswell Wake-Air, so that’s kind of another interest I’ve got and I’ve had a lot of fun with it this summer. I’ve been out on the boat a lot and I live on the lake at home, so it’s kind of fun to get out on the water and do different things like that.

Are the any NHLers you hang out with in the summer time?

WR: Yeah. Cory Cross is from Lloydminster. He plays in Edmonton now. Scott Hartnell and Lance Ward are also from Lloydminster. Cory and I have a golf tournament every year back home and this year it was on July 3. So, I get to hang out a bit with those guys there and do some training. And then when I’m in Edmonton, I work out with a few guys that play in the league, too, and we have the same trainer. So it’s good.

Is there one meal you’re just dying for during the summer?

WR: I try to follow a bit of a diet so I don’t eat a lot of pasta through the summer. I eat fewer potatoes and don’t have a lot of carbohydrates during the summer, so once in a while I’ll crave a big pasta meal. I get enough of it during the winter, but still it’s nice to have a big one every once in a while through the summer.

If you could pick another player outside of the Senators’ roster to play alongside you, who would it be?

WR: Well I’d like to see Jarome Iginla in a Sens uniform. I’ve known Jarome for a number of years from playing world juniors with him and just the type of competitor he is and the skill he has, I think he could be a star anywhere. I think we could definitely find room for him here, a good Canadian, hard-nosed Edmonton boy.

Among the NHL teams, which team do you find the toughest to play?

WR: That’s tough to say. Obviously there are some of the great teams, like Detroit, who always challenge. A team that always gives us a lot of trouble, though, is Atlanta for some reason. They always seem to be tough. I don’t know if we underestimate them or what, but they battle hard and especially since they got the new coach (Bob Hartley) in there last year. They started to play really well and they always seem to be a tough task for us.

What’s your favourite NHL city to visit?

WR: Well, it’s fun to go out west. I guess I’ve always kind of liked Colorado, the area, and it seems like a real nice city. But the trip I probably enjoy the most is going to Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Obviously to see everyone back home again, but also just being in Vancouver, it’s a pretty cool city. We always have a lot of fun there.

Wade, thanks for taking the time with us today. See you soon.