Author Topic: Rules & Code of Conduct. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!  (Read 48785 times)

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Rules & Code of Conduct. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!
« on: November 03, 2003, 06:54:37 PM »
These are the rules and code of conduct for all users or viewers of the message boards.


General Rules

1. Vulgarity and profanity are not welcome on the message boards. Since fans of all ages can access this site, we ask that you refrain from this practice. We ask that you please not circumvent the words that we have filtered. Offensive posts will be deleted.

2. Racism or sexism will not be tolerated. Any posts containing racist or sexist comments will be deleted, and users submitting such posts may be banned.

3. Posting personal attacks against a fellow poster is not acceptable and will not be condoned. We expect a certain amount of criticism on certain posts, but try to keep an open mind, and be sensible in your posts.

4. (a)Spamming the message board with announcements for a new product is not acceptable. Linking to articles is acceptable, click here for those guidelines.

    (b)With permission from one of the Sensnetwork administrators, an owner (or a duly noted representative) may advertise their website/discussion forum with a link in their signature  with the agreement that will be linked back from that site.

5. Trolling the message board by writing posts with the obvious intent of eliciting infuriating reactions will not be tolerated.

6. Message board moderators and administrators have the exclusive right to delete posts at their discretion.

7. Message board moderators and administrators also have the right to ban members found in contravention of these guidelines, if deemed necessary.

Restrictions on Signatures and Avatars

8. Avatars are limited in file size and in actual size. Your avatar must be 120 x 120 pixels or less in actual size, and its file size must be 70 kb or less .

9. Avatars will no longer be hosted directly on the SensNetwork site. All users will have to find somewhere to remotely host their avatar.

10. Signatures may not contain more than 1 image. This image must be 400 x 100 pixels or less with a file size of 100 kb or less.

11. Users have the option of having an avatar and using an image in their signature but only as per the rules outlined above.  

12. Signatures shall be limited to 250 characters or less.

      For those not wanting to view the signatures and/or avatars of other members, that option is available through your 'profile'.

Posting Rules

13. We do not allow sale or exchange of game day tickets anywhere on the message board. Any posts containing ads to sell/exchange tickets will be removed.

14. We ask that you exercise responsibility when using the Quote function. It is really not necessary to quote an entire message just to reply with one line.

15. When quoting someone else's message, please remove all images from the quote.

16. When typing in a new post, or the subject of a new thread, do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

17. Do not create a new topic if the topic already exists.

18. We ask that you stay on topic within a thread.
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Re: Rules & Code of Conduct. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2006, 10:21:25 PM »
Anyone soliciting on our site (via post or PM) for any reason without permission from Administration will be immediately banned.

If any of our regular members are contacted or bothered by PM, please let a mod or admin know immediately by forwarding the PM in question to one of us.  Thanks.
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Re: Rules & Code of Conduct. PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING!!
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2008, 02:12:31 PM »
Derogatory rumours concerning players' (and coaches, and... ) personal lives are not allowed on this, EVER. You may get a warning the first time, but any repeat offender will be banned permanently. This decision has been made for legal reasons, among others, and is not negotiable.

Consider yourselves warned.
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