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Broken Bones:
This seems to be an issue I am having no matter be it at work or at home, not sure if it is something wider spread or not.

When there is a new post in a thread I like to use the "New" button link to take me to the first unread post of the thread so I can get caught up.  The issue occurs in two different ways.

In a thread I have read before having a number of new posts the link "New" will take me to the new posts, but not to the first unread post, but rather some post randomly in the middle.  So I have to then scroll up or go to the previous page to find the first post I had not read yet.

The other way it screws up is actually with new threads themselves.  If there are multiple posts to the thread I still click "New" and it doesn't take me to the first unread post (which would be the original post) but rather to a post closer to the end.

Not sure if it is an issue that is wide spread or not.  I mean, who knows, it could be linked to me using the "mark as read" option now and then, but I only use that when there are unread posts that remain I have no interest in reading in a particular area of the forums.

Small Town:
i don't have the same experiences. 

It works fine for me.  :smily677:

Broken Bones:
I suspect it may be just whatever it is I am doing, but still thought I'd mention it.

Bet ya wish you didn't.   :mrgreen:

That's payback for goofing on me in Facebook today!   ;)


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