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Re: Game #78 Discussion ~ SENS vs Hurricanes ~ Thursday Apr. 1
« Reply #20 on: April 02, 2010, 03:36:15 PM »
Watched the game in its entirety but having spent the day moving one of my kids back INTO the house (yes...they do come back!) I was pretty much only capable of watching the game and then I was KAPUT!!  With a BIG crowd due here on Sunday (youngest child's birthday and Easter celebration), time is of the essence for me right now!

However, on my break I will say about last night's game:

WOW!!  Not always the prettiest game but certainly kept me awake. And while I've always been a Spezza fan, like momr I find myself wishing he was out there even more than he is.  He is playing waaaaay better since returning from his earlier exit due to injury and very sluggish start.  Now, he's on FIRE!!  Eleven points in four games is just not what we have ever come to expect from him.  And he is showing leadership on and off the ice, IMHO.  That face-off win that led to the tying goal with about 8 seconds left was a beauty-win...textbook!  I find I am doing very little defending of Spezza for giveaways during games like I have over the years (okay....admittedly some of those were indefensible) and the odd time he does give it away you kind of know that he will make up for it sooner rather than later because he has a "no quit" element in his game recently.  And that fake backhand on the shoot-out goal totally took Legace out of the play!  Sweeeeeet!!!  :icon_bowdown2:

Karlsson is still capable of glaring boo-boos but with the way he is playing (tying up the game twice in the third was electric!) I have much forgiveness, as a fan, for the rookie!  He IS playing better since paired with Sutton and, for me, it has likely removed his "fear factor" while playing.  After all, he knows Mount Sutton always has his back!!  But the kid plays beyond his years (and size...he plays 'big') and is only, it seems, getting better as the season wears on.  Terrific game for him last night with his two goals, doubling his goalscoring output for the season!   :happy dance:

All of the guys played well last night to one degree or other:  the Kelly-Ruutu-Neil line while not on the scoresheet certainly had good energy.  I feel for Fisher and Cullen (who I really like since he got here!) having to play with Kovalev because they both put out a ton of effort on their shifts even though it's like they are shorthanded all the time.  Regin did it all last night.....he is on a six game scoring streak and added two assists last night, he took shots, he blocked shots, he buzzed around all night and he has made me forget that Michalek is out injured to be honest.  And even though Volchenkov ended up having one Canes' goal go in off of him and acted as a screen on another one, he DID score a beauty goal at the very end of the first period making it 1-0 (and improving the Sens' winning record when he scores in a game to 13-1-1-1) and we all know that A-Train scoring is both rare and exciting at the same time!  Another player who has been impressing me since he came back in - mainly due to injuries - is Chris Campoli.  I suppose the upcoming depth the Sens have on defence and the improvement of Karlsson combined with the acquisition of Sutton has made him realize that there really IS competition on our blueline.  But Campoli, while not amazing, has been solid especially offensively often moving up into the play and, frankly, he has decent reaction/stickhandling skills.  Good for him!   :thumbsup:

The three stars from Sportsnet were:  #1 - Erik Karlsson;  #2 - Jason Spezza and #3 - Chad Larose.  From the Team:  #1 - Jason Spezza;  #2 - Erik Karlsson and #3 - Chad Larose.  Their Hardest Worker Senator was Peter Regin (and he WAS full value for that selection, IMHO).  :nod:

The debut of Bobby Butler went well enough and as exciting and nerve-wracking as that might have been for him, I was feeling more for his Mom.  I could not imagine being a Mom who was only days ago watching my son play NCAA hockey with a couple of thousand people in attendance to be, about a week later, sitting in an arena with 19,000 people watching my kid play in the "Bigs"!  It would have been the cherry on top had he scored that goal later in the game!  But, all in all, he showed quite well in an exciting game.   :nod:

I thought it fitting that the Sens secured their playoff spot, officially, last night after providing such an exciting finish for their fans on Fan Appreciation Night.  Even though I was not there, I sure did appreciate their efforts last night!   :ccclapping:

I sure do hope they can keep up this momentum going forward!!  They could surprise a lot of people!! :popcorn:


And CONGRATULATIONS to Shean Donovan and his wife, Teresa, with the arrival of their third child, a daughter they have named Trinity, yesterday to add a little 'pink' after having two sons!   :spin:
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