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10-11 NBA talk
« on: November 09, 2010, 10:24:53 AM »
Things are really exciting in the NBA. There are so many contenders for the cup. So far 2 teams remain lossless (Hornets and the lakers).

Kobe has been playing good but the player that has been the most surprising is Ellis from Golden state. He is leading the league. And the Heat are not really owning. They really haven't been tested yet.

Raptors are struggling without Bosh with a 1-6 recor so far.

I am cheering for the lakers and I am totally against the Heat. Cleveland is also struggling without James.

Although the raptors haven't been that good, Reggie Evans who was invisible before bosh left, has been a monster. He is averaging 13rpg and is second in league rebounding, Even better than Howard!!!

Most of you are either cheering for the raptors or for the Suns because of nash :D  :laugh2: