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Red sucks, BACK IN BLACK

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Hello fellow Sens fans.   I know I am new here, and might be rehashing some old threads regarding Sens jersey's, but here goes!

 I hated the new 3rd red jersey & crest from day one (1997) when they took our beloved Senturion, and turned him into a cartoon joke!  I hated even more the fact that we dropped the black jerseys in favor of the red jersey on the road.

  You'll never see the Habs or the Leafs make a joke of their storied jerseys.  So why did the Sens?????   Loved the original jerseys of 1992-93 season, but agreed that a small change could have been made.

Here is my favorite, so far, tell me what you think! BACK IN BLACK! :GO_SENS_GO2:

Here of course are the original ones:

Here is the cartoon crest I am referring too:  The newer Reebok Edge crest is even more cartoonish than these!!!

Here are some custom ones I have found on the net:

...And of course an earlier thread with more Sens jersey's...;topicseen#msg442844

I don't mind the "cartoon" and wasn't fussy about the Trojan logo actually.  I would prefer either on a black jersey instead of "SENS"

Well, you know what they say: :icon_rofl

  I'm not too fussy on this crest either! :smily677:

Broken Bones:
I prefer the current 3rd jersey because it is black, not a fan of the Sens but even with that it is my favorite of what the team currently has.  Frankly I wish Ottawa would find a different colour than red, but that's how it started and that is how it will stay.  I say that because too many teams have red as their home colour.

New Jersey

Just to name a few off the top of my head.  That alone, including Ottawa is 25% of the league wearing red.

I liked the 3rd jersey that was here until 2008. The new one that says ''SENS'' is ugly


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