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NHL & OHL Teams going Retro this year!


 As you know some teams have gone Retro this year, and some have kept the all important "Tradition", and have just not changed at all like the Habs, Red Wings, ect....


As you can see from this site below, teams have gone retro, such as Buffalo, Philadelphia, Leaves, Chicago, L.A., NY Islanders ect have gone retro and look fantastic.

What do you think?

It's a real simple poll, should the Sens:

1) Go Retro, and start looking macho again and start playing like real men,  :paddle: or
2) Stay Red and keep playing like little girls and being the laughing stock of the NHL with the childish crest?  :crier:

You forgot option 3) Is it possible for Rickman to start more threads on the topic of jerseys?

Enough already!

  :funny post: No, I purposely left it out for that very reason.... :icon_thankyou:

But seriously, it is happening in the NHL, and they look hot!  :sportsfan:

Here is a quote from:

With regular season outdoor hockey games becoming more popular every year, the NHL decides to stage not one, but two outdoor games this season. The Pittsburgh Penguins will host the Washington Capitals in the Winter Classic on New Year's Day, while the Calgary Flames will host the Montreal Canadiens in the Heritage Classic on February 20, 2011. All four teams will wear special throwback or throwback-inspired uniforms during those games.

Here is my favorite: but it would never fly, as we are not good enough.........


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