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Start of the NHL Season.

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I'm picking option 5.  I don't think they will want to tarnish this event by having to cancel it, but I don't think that they will get a deal done before then.

I think egos get in the way too long and there's no season this year. Go Bingo and Go 67s!

I tried to be optimistic by picking #5 but I think you are right MH.

I don't know MH.  With NBC showing the playoffs in every US household last year and the ratings being good, I think it will do to much damage in the US if they lose the entire season.  My feeling is that the US owners could care less if hockey is played until the NFL season is over, but after that they will make a deal to save the season.

Not sure I care any more.  There are five OHL teams within an hours drive of where I live and that's where my hockey dollars will get spent.

December. NBC will toss Bettman off a cliff if they tank 200 mil, and Dec makes sense from a US audience perspective.

Looking forward to seeing some cheap decent hockey out this way .... 


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