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Sens Talk / The comeback Spring
« on: May 23, 2003, 10:18:07 AM »
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By virtue of their overtime win Wednesday night in New Jersey, the Ottawa Senators can rip a chapter out of the Minnesota Wild's play book and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals with a victory in Game 7 Friday night in Ottawa.

Last Saturday, the Senators, winners of the Presidents' Trophy for the best record during the regular season, were given up for dead after falling behind the Devils three games to one.

Here we stand today, the series squared at three, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim taking it all in as they prepare to do battle for their first Stanley Cup.

Devils coach Pat Burns, for one, isn't surprised. He wasn't surprised to see defenseman Chris Phillips break into the New Jersey end and pot a rebound goal in overtime that squared the series. Nope, not surprised at all. It's been that kind of spring.

"I have seen funnier things before," Burns said of the winning goal Wednesday night that was scored in a wacky swirl of bodies and sticks.

I'm starting to not like this guy.  Excuses, that seems to be all he can come up with to deflect the problems his team is having.


"It's such a weird year this year," Burns continued. "Everything just happened all year long in these Playoffs. Things have been really odd."

There have been comebacks before in Cup history, but it just seems to be a regular occurrence this spring.

The first round saw only one series that went the distance in the Eastern Conference, with the Flyers ousting the Maple Leafs in seven. In the West, however, the Wild were beginning to write an impressive chapter in their history, falling behind the Colorado Avalanche by a three-to-one count before rebounding to win the series. Not to be outdone, the Vancouver Canucks won the last three games of their opening-round series to eliminate the St. Louis Blues.

In the Western Conference Semifinals, the Canucks discovered they couldn't catch lightning in a bottle and fell, after losing a 3-1 series edge, to, you guessed it, the Wild.

Now, we're in the Eastern Conference Finals and the Senators stand poised to add another dramatic comeback to the ledger. Do the Senators have the edge now?

I have to say yes.  The Sens have battled hard for two games to take the wins, and have steadily gotten stronger since game 4.  Tonights home town crowd will go a long way in creating the extra energy for the Sens to draw from as well.

The Senators hope to knock off the Devils in Game 7 and duplicate what New Jersey accomplished in the 2000 Eastern Conference Finals.  
"Well, I don't know," Senators coach Jacques Martin said. "We knew going into tonight's game we would have to be better than Game 5 and I thought we were. The bottom line is Game 7 we're going to have to be better."

Back to the well once more go the Senators, back to the well having seen the Wild accomplish seemingly impossible comebacks twice, back to the well with the words of assistant coach Roger Neilson, fighting his own valiant battle with cancer, ringing in their ears, exhorting them to not squander this opportunity to play for the Cup.

The Devils know they don't want to become a team that blew not only a Playoff series, but a chance to play for the Stanley Cup. In Burns' estimation, the pressure is off his team now. The Senators will be trying to fulfill their comeback destiny before what figures to be a raucous Corel Centre. The New Jersey coach figures the pressure is on the Sens.

"Yeah, all of a sudden the pressure is going to fall on them," he said matter-of-factly. "It's not on us anymore. They are going back home and they have to win at home. We have to go in there and play our little, easy game and see what happens."

WRONG  I think there is more pressure on Jersey to not choke.


Yes, it is a curious spring now that you consider the home-ice advantage teams play for all season can be construed as a disadvantage when all the marbles are on the line.

But hey, it's been a weird spring.

Phil Coffey is's editorial director.

Nice try Pat, but the Sens will Win tonight

Sens Talk / Senators Health Status
« on: May 22, 2003, 04:46:35 PM »
I've been thinking about this and I would like to see what everyone else feel about it.

The Sens won game 1, and then lost game 2, 3, and 4.

Sens won game 5 and 6. Every game since game 4 they have come out harder and faster leading up to last night where I felt they were back to themselves in terms of buzzing around Brodeur for a good part of the game. They were fighting hard along the boards, (Alfie, Arvie, Fish and the others) and were looking like the team we all know.

Here's my theory.

Game 3, we learned that Chris Phillips was fighting the effects of a cold and was a little bit better for game 4.

Game 4, we learned that Hossa was just getting over a cold.

See the pattern? What's the chances that the Sens have been battling through some colds for games 2, 3, 4 and are now getting back their strength???  It's not possible since they eat, sleep, travel and according to Doc, Shower together :shock:

I'm willing to bet the team had a bug going through that room and we all know what we feel like when we are feeling like crap.

And, Based on this little theory I say Devils are in big trouble tomorrow night when facing a recovered Ottawa Sens team  :twisted:

Sens Talk / Team Pictures, Relaxed or what?
« on: May 21, 2003, 01:22:39 PM »
Someone Tell me that this team is not relaxed heading into tonights game.

These Pics are from yesterday's practice, LOL
I did not want to put them into the game thread and thus posted them seperate.

Now back to game shots  :twisted:

General Hockey Discussions / CANADA WINS GOLD
« on: May 11, 2003, 01:01:12 PM »
Carter gets the OT winner.

Canada goes 9 - 0 in the tournament


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