Author Topic: Maclean - "practise belongs to the coaches" and we WILL practise!  (Read 812 times)

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“Practise, practise, practise, practise, practicse is a way to cure issues with your team,” said MacLean. “During the game, it’s hard to clean things up. The games belong to the players, the practices to the coaches.
“We’re going to be diligent in practice, correcting things that are necessary for us to play the game the way we envision us playing the game — which is being fast and playing 200 feet.”

I like it.  Old maxim that you play the way you practice.   Seems to me that Maclean has a very strategic approach to things, and unlike some coaches, I haven't got any feeling that he is making changes or adjustments for the sake of doing them or he because he doesn't know what else to do.


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Re: Maclean - "practise belongs to the coaches" and we WILL practise!
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 :icon_agree:   They don't have to love him, they should be working harder.  If they can come back in the third and score as many goals as they have been in the last 2 games, imagine if they skated that hard, the whole game????